Preseason Video Submission

Video Submission Details

DUE MAY 15, 2013

For all interested freshman and transfers, the Ithaca College Cheerleading Program will be accepting video submissions for a chance to participate in preseason practices with all the returning IC Cheerleaders.  This is new this year, so please be patient with us as we iron out any kinks that may arise throughout this process. 

Each video submission should include the following:

  1. Introduction of who you are and why you want to cheer for IC
  2. One full floor cheer : either basketball or football material
  3. One dance segment : least 4 8-counts in length
  4. Jumps : at least two jumps with one being a toe-touch
  5. Stunting : any skills you want to show us
  6. Tumbling : any tumbling skills you may have (this is not required but highly desirable)

Some important points to make regarding the video tryout process:

  1. The video submission is not a tryout video.  Each member of the squad, including all returning cheerleaders from the prior year will be required to participate in the Fall tryouts.
    1. Each member of the program is required to tryout each year.
    2. Everyone must earn their spot on the squad each year.  No returning cheerleader is guaranteed a spot on the squad in subsequent years.  This includes elected officers as well. 
  2. Video submissions will be used for selecting individuals to participate in preseason practices only.
    1. Not being selected to attend preseason should not deter you from trying out for the squad.  There are only a limited number of spots for individuals wishing to attend preseason.  
    2. Regardless of if you were selected to attend preseason, you’re encouraged to tryout for the squad in the Fall.

All video submissions should be received by MAY 15, 2013.  Videos can be submitted by any of the following methods:

Preseason Details


NOTE: This information is subject to change and is provided here to help fully inform
any interested cheerleaders about when and how preseason is arranged and organized.

Preseason move-in will need to occur on either Sunday, August 18th or Monday August 19th.  The location where keys may be picked up will not be known until after August 1st.

A preseason meeting will be held in the afternoon on August 19th and all cheerleaders attending preseason are required to attend this meeting.  Details regarding the upcoming year, game schedule and practice schedules will be reviewed at this meeting. 

Practices will tentatively begin the evening of August 19th. They will continue for the rest of the week with twice a day two hour practice sessions through the first day of classes.  A complete schedule will be available with exact times and dates after August 1st. 

During preseason, the participants will participate in practice activities, which include conditioning, stunting, tumbling, cheers, chants, dance and jumps.  There will also be some organized gatherings to spend time with each other and get to know each other better. 

Because the dining hall meal plans do not take effect until August 25th, the school does offer the option of purchasing a short term meal plan for the duration of the preseason. These plans are arranged for in advance and are to be paid for by the cheerleader, not the squad. If you are interested in taking part in the preseason meal plan, please let me know prior to arriving for preseason.


Tryout Details


Tryouts for the 2013-14 school year:

  1. Friday, August 30th : Mandatory tryout informational meeting will be held in the late afternoon, following classes ending for the day. 
  2. Saturday, August 31st : Practice to learn new material for tryouts.  All material will be provided.  Material will include 4 or more 8-counts of dance, two sideline chants, a cheer, jumps and stunting.
  3. Sunday, September 1st : Tryout in front of judges.  Judging will be based on performance of material learned the day before.

Exact time and locations will not be available until after August 1st.   Dates, times and locations will be posted on the squad website ( and the squad’s Facebook page (

Tryouts will be for a position on the Ithaca College Cheerleading Squad for the entire year.  You will not be required to tryout again for basketball season.  However, as stated previously, you will have to tryout again each subsequent year to remain on the squad. 



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