Cheers and Chants

List of Cheers used at Ithaca College:
  Ithaca Bombers C'mon Crowd

Ithaca (pause) Bombers
The best, yes it's true
We're number one
Go white, gold and blue

C'mon crowd, help us out
It's time for a win
Get off your seat
And on your feet
Yell W - I - N
W - I - N
  Blue, Gold & White 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Blue, gold and (pause) white
Bomber team let's fight
Pull it together
Don't give in
Blue, gold and white
Bomber team let's fight

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Who are you yelling for
Ithaca Bombers
Ithaca Bombers
Our team can't be stopped
Bombers on top
  Bomber Team Ithaca Bombers 2
  Bomber team, let's hear it
Above all the rest
Now's the time to yell it (clap) (clap)
For the best
Yell it GO - I - C
Go - I - C

Ithaca (pause) Bombers X
The blue gold and white
Back once again
With victory in sight
So Bombers, Let's go let's fight
Victory tonight

  Strong and Proud Cheer Bombers

Strong and proud
We're gonna say it loud
We are the best
Oh yes
Bombers on the floor
We can't be stopped
Victory in 0 - 4

Cheer Bombers
Blue gold white
I - C, alright


List of Chants used at Ithaca College:


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